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The fourth pillar, education and culture, is built upon the recognition of two essential realities. First, the Western intellectual tradition requires a dedication to and desire for truth. Second, education takes place not only within colleges and universities but within our broader culture, whose institutions and practices form us as whole persons.

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Judging from the media’s response to Rick Perry’s Galileo reference in the Reagan debate, our discourse is still governed by the modern view that science and religion can only clash.
New Jersey’s new anti-bullying legislation is misguided and unrealistic, seeking to eliminate conflict rather than resolve it.
What makes September 11th worthy of public memorializing is that it was not only an event in the lives of these individuals and their families; it was an event in the life of the American nation, an attack aimed at the American nation.
A new book argues that flogging may be a more humane, efficient, and just punishment than incarceration.
Presidential candidates in the 2012 election must be prepared to protect the interests of parents and children nationwide by rolling back the progressive education agenda and returning to the states their constitutional power to make decisions about education.
Prejudices of secular and religious groups alike stand in the way of successful crime reduction efforts.
John Locke is an illustration of how social contract theory distorts sound political reasoning.
The new, pro-contraceptive recommendations by the Institute of Medicine endanger the health and well-being of women.
When we debate problems of social justice, we must keep our shared principles separate from the means we advocate to recognize them. Failure to do so produces unfruitful discourse and misdirected charges.
Race and sex play qualitatively different roles in our interactions with each other, making sex rationally relevant to our social and political policies in a way that race is not.
A recent Supreme Court case reveals a division amongst conservatives over the moral foundations of the law.
The body has a language of its own, and the sexual revolution is founded upon a lie.
Those who care for the severely disabled and dependent testify to our sense that they are part of the human community.
Marital love implies dependence on another instead of autonomy, and it shows that certain goods (sex and procreation, love and marriage, marriage and parenthood) are connected. We must recover the language of self-giving. The second in a two-part series.
The logic of contract and the movement to conquer nature have resulted in the triumph of autonomy and demise of the family. The first of a two-part series.
An exploration of how war affects people, and what it does to their natural moral instincts. The second in a two-part series.
An exploration of how war affects people, and what it does to their natural moral instincts. The first in a two-part series.
Rather than trying to escape our bodies, we should see that our bodies make union with another possible.
The requirements of natural reason in the pursuit of goods provide a more adequate starting point for moral reflection than the theological considerations in which moral reflection should come to its fruition.
Only an ethics rooted in the divinely revealed truth of creation-as-gift and creator-as-love can coherently and adequately make sense of the universal experience of ought.
The feds are working behind the scenes to nationalize K-12 curriculum, including a national test. This would be bad for schools, and disastrous for the culture.
The King & Spalding skedaddle is a blow to the institutional integrity of our legal system. Intimidation is now the default tactic of same-sex marriage advocates.
Cohabitation does not serve the “best interest” of children, regardless of what the courts say.
Let the sexual revolution be justified on the grounds of the common good.

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