Sexuality & Family

The second pillar of a decent society is the institution of the family, which is built upon the comprehensive sexual union of man and woman. No other institution can top the family’s ability to transmit what is pivotal—character formation, values, virtues, and enduring love—to each new generation.

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Custom and tradition, far from being necessarily irrational, are often the vehicles of guiding and binding reason.
The Obama Administration has chosen to place political considerations over a proper defense of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law.
Americans appear to accept same-sex marriage more than they really do, perhaps because they believe it to be more widely accepted than it really is.
Re-examining the essential characteristics of marriage.
Even same-sex marriage advocates should recognize the bad logic in the ruling overturning Proposition 8.
The latest decision from our judicial overlords on same-sex marriage spells trouble for republican constitutionalism and the institution of marriage.
Another reason the analogy between same-sex marriage and interracial marriage fails.
The fiftieth anniversary of oral contraceptives is a reminder of all the things the Pill lets us forget.
We should prefer natural law thinking to utilitarianism -- here's why.
Promoting a sexually permissive pop-culture in the Muslim world gets the true foundations of ordered liberty wrong. In defining our ideals by rejecting our enemy’s, we go from one extreme to another, and miss the virtuous mean.
Last week at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the Witherspoon Institute reported a set of scholarly findings and recommendations on the social costs of pornography.
Both Marc Thiessen and his critics have misunderstood an important moral distinction on the question of torture.
As we attempt to revive the global financial system, it may be time to reconsider the long tradition that warned against the dangers of borrowing.
A recent First Things article on natural law misses the mark.
A good deal of online commentary about a recent ecumenical statement misunderstands the nature of human reason.
An article by sociologist W. Bradford Wilcox raises the question of how divorce hurts and helps women.
One of the best ways to bolster American unions is to promote a proper understanding of friendship and marriage.
Is the current financial crisis simply a technical failure, or does it derive from some more basic problem? Economists may need to begin addressing fundamental questions concerned with value, and for that, they may turn to the natural law tradition.
Though there is no hope of having a morally neutral definition of marriage, it is possible to have one based on human nature and supported by sound reasoning.
Economists and other social scientists should take into account the integral flourishing of human beings and not just material utility. After doing so, defense of free trade becomes more—not less—important.
Free trade brings with it financial benefits and human rewards. However, it sometimes must be limited if communities and people are to flourish.
Free trade is not only good economic policy, it is a human right that should not be restricted lightly.
Those who see the movement for same-sex marriage as today’s civil-rights struggle are abusing historical reason and our national institutions.

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