Sexuality & Family

The second pillar of a decent society is the institution of the family, which is built upon the comprehensive sexual union of man and woman. No other institution can top the family’s ability to transmit what is pivotal—character formation, values, virtues, and enduring love—to each new generation.

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Marital love implies dependence on another instead of autonomy, and it shows that certain goods (sex and procreation, love and marriage, marriage and parenthood) are connected. We must recover the language of self-giving. The second in a two-part series.
The logic of contract and the movement to conquer nature have resulted in the triumph of autonomy and demise of the family. The first of a two-part series.
Metaphysics provides the crucial foundation for natural law, and our current intellectual climate is ripe for embracing metaphysical foundations once again. The third in a three-part series.
Acts are not made good or bad by our mere say-so. We must also examine the objective intention of our actions. The second in a three-part series.
A notion of “social practice” should guide the way we think about morality and politics. The first in a three-part series.
Public recognition of unions contrary to human flourishing will hurt, not help, the happiness of those who participate in them.
The requirements of natural reason in the pursuit of goods provide a more adequate starting point for moral reflection than the theological considerations in which moral reflection should come to its fruition.
New conceptions of marriage threaten to make “traditional marriage” not only unfashionable but also inaccessible.
Learning from a religious skeptic’s rejection of polygamy and easy divorce.
Cohabitation does not serve the “best interest” of children, regardless of what the courts say.
Let the sexual revolution be justified on the grounds of the common good.
Defenders of conjugal marriage must be careful to not obscure the true nature of marriage—and the state’s true interest in promoting it.
There is an intrinsic link between marriage and procreation, but this does not mean that infertile couples cannot really be married.
Marriage is fundamentally a pre-political institution.
Aristotelian virtue ethics has very little to say about what is a good political structure or economic system.
Alasdair MacIntyre may be wrong about the details of finance, but he is right on the largest questions of political economy.
John Locke’s philosophy gives no support to those who would seek to endorse same-sex civil marriage.
Dispelling the sexual myths of America’s emerging adults.
President Obama has dropped the defense of marriage out of political convenience rather than reasonable opposition.
A historian looks at how one man sought to serve both truth and love.
What exceptionless moral norms are we willing to discard for the sake of a good cause?
All lying is immoral, but not all false utterances are lies.
Wrapping up an exchange on judgment and morality.
The American sex trade—strip clubs, prostitution, and the booming pornography business—feeds on and fuels modern-day slavery.

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