Sexuality & Family

The second pillar of a decent society is the institution of the family, which is built upon the comprehensive sexual union of man and woman. No other institution can top the family’s ability to transmit what is pivotal—character formation, values, virtues, and enduring love—to each new generation.

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All lying is immoral, but not all false utterances are lies.
Wrapping up an exchange on judgment and morality.
The American sex trade—strip clubs, prostitution, and the booming pornography business—feeds on and fuels modern-day slavery.
On the dualism of degrading desire.
Defenders of marriage should draw hope and courage from the pro-life movement’s success.
Speaking out requires humility as well as courage.
Announcing the preview of a new online resource from the Witherspoon Institute
Whether the case involves pornography or genocide, there are times when authorities must intervene to protect human interests.
A reply to Northwestern Law Professor Andrew Koppelman's second critique of "What is Marriage?"
What’s wrong with a prominent professor’s incestuous relationship with his daughter.
A reply to NYU Law Professor Kenji Yoshino’s second critique of “What is Marriage?”
A response to FamilyScholars Blogger Barry Deutsch.
A response to Northwestern Law Professor Andrew Koppelman.
Moral principles should be derived from experience about what makes people happy, not from logic.
Kant was right: we need principles to guide our judgments.
A response to NYU Law Professor Kenji Yoshino.
What's unnatural about the Kantian take on natural law.
Responding to a review of his most recent book, Hadley Arkes asks some questions about the nature of natural law.
It is difficult to speak up and defend certain unpopular truths on today’s college campuses. But it is also urgently needed and greatly rewarding.
To stimulate job creation, Democrats favor government spending and Republicans favor tax cuts, but is there a more direct way?
The practice of socially responsible investing, often associated with opposition to apartheid or support for environmental causes, can also be a way to battle the harms of pornography.
Custom and tradition, far from being necessarily irrational, are often the vehicles of guiding and binding reason.
The Obama Administration has chosen to place political considerations over a proper defense of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law.
Americans appear to accept same-sex marriage more than they really do, perhaps because they believe it to be more widely accepted than it really is.

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