Fiat Money and Public Debt

The government’s ability to print money at will is a nearly unquestioned feature of today’s economic order, but recent crises have highlighted its hazards.
Scientists have begun to doubt whether there was a “Big Bang.” But in claiming that this disproves the existence of a Creator, they confuse temporal beginnings with origins.
It is natural and good to have loyalty and love for one’s own.
A review of The German Mujahid by Boualem Sansal.
Americans appear to accept same-sex marriage more than they really do, perhaps because they believe it to be more widely accepted than it really is.
Obama’s stem-cell policy is not only contrary to sound reason and good science, it violates the law.
We shouldn’t worry about America becoming an empire—a new book explains that it has been one for a long, long time.
Civility is at the foundation of democratic society, but our educational institutions have lost their manners and the grace of gentility.
The so-called “week-after pill” is an abortion drug hidden under the guise of contraception.
Re-examining the essential characteristics of marriage.
Attempts to promote judicial restraint have failed to rein in a judiciary run amok. Is it time to consider more drastic measures?
Even same-sex marriage advocates should recognize the bad logic in the ruling overturning Proposition 8.
Americans must still wrestle with what it means to take the lives of innocent civilians intentionally.
In order to protect the unborn, we need to recognize mistakes made in the past and work to remedy them in the present.
Arguments have been aired. The facts are in. It’s time for all pro-lifers to acknowledge the shortcomings of the new health care bill.
A Review of Clark Forsythe’s Politics for the Greatest Good
In a series of recent cases, the Supreme Court’s conservative justices have abandoned judicial restraint.
In charting our future monetary policies, we should remember the trade-offs of competing alternatives.
Recent events suggest that Commonweal and Timothy Jost need to reassess their arguments about health care and abortion
The latest decision from our judicial overlords on same-sex marriage spells trouble for republican constitutionalism and the institution of marriage.
Our struggle to identify the sort of diversity that is conducive to a vibrant, participatory, and just society is primarily a political inquiry, not a constitutional one.
Kagan’s advocacy for a living constitution should kill her Supreme Court chances.
The new health care law has endangered longstanding protections on conscience. We must act to address them or risk creating a dangerous precedent.
Another reason the analogy between same-sex marriage and interracial marriage fails.