Truth, Responsibility, and Love

The Regent University 2013 Commencement Address, delivered May 4, 2013.
Good public policy can meet the needs of all Americans without redefining marriage.
Witness to the truth matters for its own sake, but persistent, winsome witness also tends to bear good fruit, even if it takes 40 years and counting.
How successful can a “new conversation on marriage” be when its leaders can’t even say what marriage is?
A note from the editor.
The controversy over the HHS mandate is not a spat about wonkish detail or tribal privilege. It remains a struggle for the principle of religious freedom, the soul of civil society.
Charles Murray argues we’ve come apart, but can therapeutic Deism and the sexual revolution put us back together?
Neither liberal nor libertarian, a principled conservative way of helping the poor.
Conservatives shouldn’t ignore or attack social justice, but must articulate sound principles of social justice.
Rawlsian “public reason” approaches to human capabilities are insufficient bases for social justice.
Introducing a Public Discourse symposium on the 2012 election.
How and why considering distribution will yield a complete economic science. The second in a two-part series.
A new book challenges us to rediscover the missing element of our economic science. The first in a two-part series.
Do pro-lifers care about life after birth?
A reply to Northwestern Law Professor Andrew Koppelman's second critique of "What is Marriage?"
A reply to NYU Law Professor Kenji Yoshino’s second critique of “What is Marriage?”
A response to FamilyScholars Blogger Barry Deutsch.
A response to Northwestern Law Professor Andrew Koppelman.
A response to NYU Law Professor Kenji Yoshino.
Obama’s stem-cell policy is not only contrary to sound reason and good science, it violates the law.
Are market economies friends or foes of the environment?
Recently, the editor of Public Discourse sat down with Robert P. George to discuss the state of the marriage debate. While supporters of same-sex “marriage” claim that history is on their side, it turns out that supporters of traditional marriage have more reasons for hope than they may realize.
A recent compromise on the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate granted too much to revisionists and too little to traditionalists. A better compromise will respect the societal importance of marriage while also providing for the real needs of domestic partners.
Every fall, kids arrive on college campuses and learn that their basic moral intuitions on sexual matters don’t square with the reigning ideas. Thanks to debased campus culture and overreaching on the part of administrators and professors, students are beginning to respond systematically—and they’re having an impact. Here’s how.