Joker and the Need for Family

Critics of Joker have missed the central message of the story: the descent into madness begins with the breakdown of the family and fatherhood.
Faced with a national educational disaster that permanently cripples so many of America’s neediest children’s life chances, it is not “anti-public school” to advocate for voucher experiments. It is true to our republican aspirations to enable at least some of these kids the chance to attend a private school.
Both believing and non-believing students of Strauss will find Leo Strauss and His Catholic Readers rewarding.
Texas’s humane dispositions aren’t about trying to sneakily ban abortion. They’re about whether states will be coerced to affirm abortion as a positive good rather than merely tolerating it as a tragic necessity.
The deepest wellspring of human action is not power but love—the appetite to love and care for others and to be loved and cared for. Any healing of our broken political system must proceed on the basis of this basic truth about its parts.