As the coronavirus has spread across China and around the world, harming people everywhere, the threat the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) poses to all humanity has become clearer and more obvious than ever before. Together, citizens and world leaders across the globe must begin thinking about how to respond to that threat.

The CCP suppresses and manipulates information to strengthen its hold on power. Over the past weeks, the CCP has told the world that it has controlled the virus, that it has been victorious. Many people and leaders around the world seem to believe this. In fact, many people are saying that we should do what the authoritarian regime has done in China.

This is dangerous. One cannot believe what the CCP reports. In spite of the party’s stranglehold on Chinese news media, there is ample evidence to demonstrate their lies. Even now, the city of Harbin in Heilongjiang Province is seeing a major resurgence of the disease. Each day there are more than 6,000 new cases. Harbin is now closed and the neighborhoods within the city are also being closed off, just as previously in Wuhan. Also, as with Wuhan, authorities are barricading people in their own homes. In Wuhan, whole families have been found dead in their apartments because they could not get out. Now this is happening in Harbin too. More places are coming under lockdown including—according to local sources—places like Handan in Hebei Province, in Guangdong Province, and Wuhan again. This is despite the authorities’ ordering everyone back to work and telling the outside world that they have the virus under control.

The resurgence is directly related to the CCP’s hiding the truth and cracking down on people who tried to share information on the virus. The CCP is taking advantage of the pandemic to carry out its suppression campaign.

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Censored Media, Disappearing Journalists

In February, during the lockdown of Wuhan, citizen journalists like Fang Bin, Chen Qiushi, and Li Zihua recorded what was happening in Wuhan’s hospitals and crematoriums, using their smartphones. They documented people collapsing in the streets, body bags piling up in vans, a hearse carrying seven bodies, and hearses and vans carrying bodies working twenty-four hours a day. Then they shared their findings online.

Their documentary evidence contradicted CCP propaganda. So the CCP sent public security to break into Fang Bin’s home and take him away. Chen Qiushi was also disappeared. As of today, no one knows the whereabouts of either one. Li Zihua, recently released from quarantine, described how he was chased by public security, captured, and detained. Meanwhile, the authorities said he was under quarantine.

The writer Fang Fang wrote daily journals of the epidemic in Wuhan to let people know what was happening in her city. Netizens applauded her work and were glad that someone was describing the shocking things that were going on, despite the fact that many said her writing only covered about 1 percent of what was happening. However, the CCP organized commentators to attack her online, cursing her and sending her death threats. They claimed that, by sharing the truth of the pandemic, she was giving America and other Western countries ammunition with which to attack China.

As for the data, there is nothing about the CCP’s numbers that are believable. Recently, the CCP raised the official number of deaths. Previously, the number was a little more than 3,200 in the entire country. Then they said they had missed 1,290 people in Wuhan, so they have adjusted the national figure to just over 4,600. But no one believes this—not the Chinese people and no one outside China either. Based on the number of body bags ordered by the CCP, many estimate that roughly 700,000 people may have died in China. No one knows how many have been infected.

Under Authoritarianism, There Is No Rule of Law—Only Total Control

Many people don’t understand how the CCP regime operates. Under authoritarianism, there is no rule of law. China’s political system is a party-state system, where the party controls everything. Rule by the Communist Party is written into the constitution. The so-called government is just a puppet that the Party uses to protect single party rule. The Communist Party makes all decisions about who is appointed to government positions. At every level of authority, party committees and party secretaries have the real power. Whether it is the premier of the country or a local village mayor, any government position is beholden to the party secretary of that level.

This is why there are no independent courts and no independent legal system in China. The judiciary obeys the party. The media are controlled by the party. Corporations are controlled by the party.

The CCP seeks total control of the population. It is doing this through its huge surveillance network, using facial recognition and movement recognition. If you go, for example, to Xinjiang, where the Uighur people live, your phone will be confiscated at the border, and any apps the Party deems threatening will be deleted. While places like Tibet and Xinjiang are controlled with particular severity, all people throughout China are under surveillance and could be victims of persecution by the party.

The Chinese Communist Party Has No Regard for Human Life

Authoritarianism is evil, and it breeds cruelty and disregard for human life. In Wuhan, there have been many reports that people who were not dead—who were still breathing and whose bodies were still warm—were put into body bags and sent to the crematoria.

In the early days of the virus, the CCP used unconventional methods to purchase medical supplies from abroad. They used their underground organizations now in many countries around the world—including Australia, Italy, and the Americas—to buy up supplies in vast quantities. Various sources report masks and gowns totaled 2,200,000,000. This left many countries depleted of vital supplies.

Like fire and water, authoritarian dictatorships do not mix with democracies. No matter how nice the free world tries to be, dictators will not change. Americans must face reality: dictators see you as the enemy. When dictators are in power, it’s not only the people they directly rule who face harm, as you now see from the coronavirus. That is why leaders of other countries can’t ignore or simply make a show of confronting dictators. If free nations do not face the difficult task of deciding how to eradicate communist authoritarianism, they will become its victims.

The Free World Must Confront the Chinese Communist Party

The total number of infected people in the United States is over one million, and deaths total more than 62,000. This number is more than nine times that of the deaths in 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined. After 9/11, America decided to do whatever it could to eliminate terrorism. After Pearl Harbor, America immediately entered the war in the Pacific, and thus eventually destroyed fascism. The CCP has suppressed the truth about this virus and has allowed it to spread around the world, creating a catastrophe. When the epidemic is finally under control, the rest of the world must come together to confront the CCP.

A top priority should be to consider how to directly and effectively assist the Chinese people in understanding, resisting, and overthrowing the CCP dictatorial regime. The West needs to take specific measures to weaken the CCP’s capability to oppress, including technological, economic, or other forms of assistance. If the CCP persecutes human rights activists, religious believers, and democracy activists, it should pay the highest price for its actions. If the CCP does something that causes hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, it also needs to be held responsible.

The CCP is the biggest and most serious virus of all. With over 200,000 people dead worldwide from the coronavirus, there should be no question of the regime’s threat. If we cannot work together to stop the CCP, we will continue to be in danger even after the coronavirus has passed. The CCP is a threat not just to the Chinese people, but to the whole world.