Sinners in the Hands of a Beautiful God

In this new book—intended to bring Edwards “into the twenty-first century”—Marsden has returned to the Edwards he first discovered in his twenties. The New England thinker’s “invigorating emphasis on the dynamic beauty of God at the heart of reality” grabbed him then and has not let him go. As Marsden says, “You don’t get tired of beauty.”  
Christians like Tim Keller are to be commended for trying to fight racism with theology and scripture. But Keller’s use of the Bible on race assigns contemporary meanings to ancient texts that their authors never intended to convey.
The authors of the New Testament never eliminated distinctions between Jews and Gentiles, but they did prophesy a world to come centered in Jerusalem.
Two new proposals, one by a leading Jewish theologian and the other by a group of Christian thinkers, provide fresh arguments for theological understandings of Israel.
John Updike believed in a strange sort of Christianity that rejected the strictures of traditional faith, choosing divine comfort while rejecting divine commands. In other words, it was gospel without law, grace without repentance, the love of God without the holiness of God.
Debates about Israel and Palestine often assume a historical narrative that is at odds with historical realities.