Author: Daniel J. Mahoney (Daniel J. Mahoney)

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Neither a Flatterer nor a Lockean Be: Peter Augustine Lawler as a Catholic Political Philosopher

Peter Augustine Lawler was a rich, dialectical, and irenic thinker who strove to prevent fruitful tensions from transforming into dangerously implacable oppositions. His wisdom was attuned to the needs of the late modern age. It has been nearly five years since his unexpected death at the age of sixty-five, and his wisdom remains just as needed now as it’s ever been.


Beyond the “Fanaticism of the Center”: Giving Poland and Hungary Their (Qualified) Due

We should not romanticize the countercultural efforts of the Poles and Hungarians. But until the broad center of the intellectual and political spectrum steps away from its flirtation with nihilism and post-political illusions, we must show more understanding for those who wish to save the remnant of Western civilization that still exists.

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