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Advice for Donald Trump

If Donald Trump becomes our president, can he become a truly conservative leader? If so, how?



A properly ordered life builds strength of mind, soul, and body. This collection offers reflections on the state of sports in our society. 



Can we trust our senses? Are theology and scientific inquiry at odds? How has our world developed into what we experience today? Public Discourse authors thoughtfully consider these questions, among others, about the evolutionary theory of reality. 


Contrasting Views of Marriage

Scholars Robert George and Jameson Doig posit alternate perspectives on the nature of marriage. Through this exchange, they offer compelling arguments and insights on both sides of the issue and ultimately demonstrate that although they disagree, they are "united in the conviction that it is an issue on which reasonable people of goodwill can and do reach divergent conclusions."   


Constitutional Illusions

Why do settled principles such as prior restraint or ex post facto laws exist in our jurisprudence? Hadley Arke's Constitutional Illusions and Anchoring Truths: The Touchstone of the Natural Law examines landmark cases in law in order to sketch both the mystery and natural law based necessity of key facets of American Constitutionalism. With Arkes' book as the impetus, Arkes and O'Brien further deliberate about the nature of natural law.