An Originalist Critique of the Court’s Free Speech Tradition

Free-speech jurisprudence has reached a state where it is acceptable to abridge speech on matters of public concern, but not on vile or private speech. And the Supreme Court has usurped the authority of line-drawing from the people to empower itself.

Personal Love and the Call to Chastity

Millennials are bombarded with the message that casual sex brings fulfillment while chastity is shameful, but a closer look reveals the profound loneliness and psychological pain motivating sexual libertinism’s most outspoken advocates. Millennials would choose differently if they realized the positive benefits of chastity.

What Trump and Sanders Teach Us about America

Enthusiastic support for Trump and Sanders shows the stranglehold that materialistic individualism has on American political culture. Unless we can find a counterbalance to our excessive focus on economic interests, we should expect to be crushed beneath their weight.

Women and the Power to Change the World

Women are called to shape the moral dimension of the culture, but current trends seem to indicate that the wrong women have been doing the job. Fortunately a new generation of women is rising up eager to give joyful witness to the complementarity of men and women and to the happiness they have found in Christ.

The National Bank: An Early Lesson in Constitutional Fidelity

The debate over the creation of a national bank reveals how Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton, despite profound disagreements, argued respectfully with prudence and fidelity to the Constitution. All three men offer valuable examples to today’s statesmen.

Supreme Court Nominations and the Virtues of a Resolute Senate

Liberal activists claim that the Senate must consider an Obama nomination to the Court. In fact, it would be unprecedented for a Supreme Court justice to be confirmed under a divided government during a term-limited president’s final year in office.

The Law of Benedict

Pope Benedict XVI often ventured into venues historically hostile to the Judeo-Christian tradition. A new collection of essays discusses many of these speeches, probing the relationship of reason to religion, the West, and natural law.

The Supreme Greatness of Justice Antonin Scalia

For his immense contributions to constitutional discourse, his sound constitutional vision, his rigorous and vigorous opinions, his fearlessness and peerlessness, Justice Scalia is one of the greatest Supreme Court justices of all time.

The Ideology of Anti-Poetry

A recent collection of essays on the nature and function of poetry gives a clear-sighted critique of the failures of contemporary poetry.

Immigrants, Assimilation, and Religion

Our nation faces an assimilation crisis as many Middle Eastern immigrants reject our culture, which they perceive as libertine. We could improve the situation through a renewed commitment to our founding principles, particularly the reunification of faith and reason.

Setting the Record Straight on Texas’s Abortion-Safety Law

The Supreme Court is a vote away from unraveling years of incremental pro-life legislation as it examines the case surrounding Texas’ abortion-safety law HB2. But holding the abortion industry to a high standard of care should not be controversial, as the health of real women is at stake.

Girls Just Want to Be Born

The global pro-life movement will continue to speak out and defend the girl child. We must work to oppose all acts of gender based violence, protect women’s and girls’ lives, and seek consistent non-discriminatory life-affirming laws and policies.

Bird Brains and Cross-Species Empathy

Speaking about empathy between humans and animals requires a robust philosophy of nature. Such a philosophy can guide us in thinking more deeply about what it means to be human and how the human animal can better be connected to the broader animal world.

The Hippocratic Oath: Quaint Relic or Solemn Vow?

Despite its naysayers, the original Hippocratic oath remains an enduring icon of medical ethics because it eschews the unbound and nebulous principles of modern bioethics in favor of traditional virtues and transcendent truths.