Building Jerusalem: Christianity and the New Urbanism

The New Urbanist movement attempts to address the problem of urban sprawl by promoting mixed-use, mixed population, walkable urban and town centers that draw people together. But how are these ideas related to Christian life?

May I Please Speak to My Daddy?

This world does not need men to selfishly take whatever we want, especially if the price is the welfare of our children. Our children don’t need superheroes—just quiet, unsung, ordinary, everyday heroes who answer to the name “Daddy.”

The Demise of Language and the Rise of Cloning

On both sides of the Atlantic, human cloning for pregnancy has been stealthily gaining ground in the last few years, in part due to cultural perceptions and words that obscure reality.

Stare Decisis for Me, but Not for Thee

Whenever a Republican president nominates a judge to the Supreme Court, progressives muse loudly about the importance of stare decisis, the principle governing the law of precedents. All they are worried about is the overturning of Roe v. Wade. In fact, stare decisis does not demand blind adherence to poorly reasoned rulings in the mold of Roe.

A True Mensch: The Enduring Legacy of My Friend, Michael Novak

In the field of religion and the American founding as well as many others, Michael Novak will be remembered as one of the most prolific and influential intellectuals of our time. But above all, Michael was a truly wonderful and compassionate human being.

In Defense of Plato’s Republic

For Socrates, the city isn’t only an arbitrarily chosen device for illuminating the soul’s mysteries but an essential means for creating and sustaining justice and the other virtues in the soul.