The End of Meaningless Sex

Donna Freitas’s new book on the hookup culture rightly encourages students to see its harms, but fails to give them moral reasons for opting out of it.

Sheer Hart Attack: Morality, Rationality, and Theology

Natural law theory makes a very limited, but very important claim—that there is common ground between all human beings, and particularly between religious believers and non-believers, on which moral disagreements can be rationally adjudicated.

A Boy’s Life with Unisex Scouts

The Boy Scouts are en route to holding that there is nothing to being a boy, and nothing to the boy’s becoming a man; they might as well be the Unisex Scouts, as they are in Canada, where the scouting movement has collapsed.

Ambition Explains America: From Bobos in Paradise to Obama

While the ambition guiding today’s young Americans is not the robust, risk-taking ambition of earlier generations, it is still essential to American life; President Obama’s grandiose goals offer just one example. The second of a two-part series.

Religion: A Public or a Private Right?

Our public debate about religious liberty is missing a clear definition of religion. The absence of that definition has generated confusion, frustration, shrill voices, and short tempers.

To Whom Do Children Belong?

Children’s relationship to the political community is fundamentally different from that of adults, because it is mediated through their belonging to a family and living under the authority of their parents.

Abortion After Tiller

A new documentary on late-term abortion providers shows us that the abortion debate is much more about why life is valuable than about when human life begins.

“Good Thing I’m Not a History Major”

Until higher education throws out the text books and replaces them with primary sources, and professors begin talking with their students instead of to their students, our graduates will remain content to gain no other knowledge than what is required for their major.

An American Decline?

As Stephen Krason’s new book argues, America has departed from the founders’ design, and the founders may be partially responsible. But this claim is only as strong as the interpretation of the founding behind it.

Justice Sotomayor and the Path to Polygamy

The oral arguments on Proposition 8 at the Supreme Court suggest that there is very good reason to believe that the declaration of a “right” to same-sex marriage will set us on the path to polygamy.

Cats and Dogs and Marriage Laws

When we define our terms based on the results we want, rather than on the reality of the thing being defined, all hell breaks loose.