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by on September 9th, 2016

A rigorous new report finds that very little of contemporary “knowledge” in the area of human sexuality and gender is actually supported by strong scientific evidence.

by on September 8th, 2016

Couples who adopt children out of an abundance of spousal love are creative and life-giving; they help form the identity of their children in a way that mirrors God’s adoption of us through baptism.

by on September 7th, 2016

A new book defends the view that parents have primary authority over their children. The role of the state is to help parents, not to take over tasks that are properly parental.

by on September 6th, 2016

When picking a Supreme Court justice, the next Republican president should look to federal appellate judges who have also served on a state supreme court.

by on September 5th, 2016

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was canonized yesterday by Pope Francis. In 1994, she submitted an amicus brief, filed by her counsel Robert P. George, pleading with the United States Supreme Court to reverse its decision in Roe v. Wade. The text of her brief appears below.

by on September 2nd, 2016

Claire Fox’s book, “I Find That Offensive!” is a well-written, important, even brilliant contribution towards understanding the significance of current campus conflicts for society as a whole. Sadly, the picture she paints is bleaker than Fox herself realizes.

by on September 1st, 2016

Suffering can lead to serenity, if we respond to it with trust in a loving God who will make all things right. We must remember: Love would not allow what Love could not restore.

by on August 31st, 2016

Calls to unify the fractured Republican Party and reach out to disillusioned Trump voters will never succeed without a comprehensive vision for the future.

by on August 30th, 2016

When judges are prohibited from speaking publicly about their most deeply held convictions, how long will it be before everyone is?

by and on August 29th, 2016

Politicians should return to the common-denominator universal ethical values embraced by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

by on August 26th, 2016

Modern films, Victorian literature, and Jewish sages illustrate a religiously grounded, morally mature approach to the classic internal conflict identified by great thinkers from Plato to Freud.

by on August 25th, 2016

Voting always requires a weighing of consequences. The paramount question for the conscientious voter in 2016 is, “Which outcome among the feasible alternatives will promote the greatest good or prevent the greatest harm?”

by on August 24th, 2016

High-principled conservatives who would abstain from voting this November rather than vote for Donald Trump embrace a faulty model of political action, which threatens to undermine the resistance to radical liberalism.

by on August 23rd, 2016

In deciding how to vote this November, one should be guided both by political science and one’s conscience.

by on August 22nd, 2016

Is there a moral obligation for the US not to enact Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim travel into the US?

In Depth: Advice for Donald Trump

If Donald Trump becomes our president, can he become a truly conservative leader? If so, how?

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