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by on July 4th, 2016

This Fourth of July, if you believe that the work we do improves the political discourse that is so vital to the preservation of our republic, won’t you make a gift to support the work of Public Discourse?

by on July 1st, 2016

There comes a time where gross disregard for human life and for our constitutional order should stir us from docile obedience and impel us to resistance.

by on June 30th, 2016

The Supreme Court’s latest abortion decision is a significant setback for women and the unborn.

by on June 29th, 2016

A new study examines the risk of depression and other negative outcomes among adolescents and young adults raised by same-sex couples.

by on June 28th, 2016

In an excellent new book, Mary Eberstadt argues that secular progressivism is not just a political ideology; it is a competing faith.

by on June 27th, 2016

Arguments about the UK’s Brexit referendum were framed in terms of the UK’s global economic and political role. But the real issues for Brits were closer to home: whether they trusted their politicians to safeguard their national institutions and whether they believed that the European Union weakened these institutions.

by on June 24th, 2016

An excellent new book, written with admirable clarity, demonstrates the compatibility—indeed the happy and mutually fulfilling companionship—of faith and reason, even and especially in matters of public life.

by on June 23rd, 2016

The recent “Dear Colleague” letter from the Departments of Justice and Education relies on an ideology of expressive individualism to handle issues of gender identity. It does so to the detriment of community, family, and those it intends to serve. It also eliminates one of the most basic and universally accepted forms of privacy.

by on June 22nd, 2016

Regardless of whether we are for or against current European Union (EU) policies, the EU fails even the most minimal test of what counts as a democracy. This discussion should be prior to whether we are in favor of or against migration, an EU army, or EU tax powers.

by on June 21st, 2016

Until a solid conservative independent candidate has made a run for the presidency and is coming up far short the Monday before the election, there is no reason for a conservative (or anyone else) to consider Donald Trump as the answer to the Democratic candidate.

by on June 20th, 2016

True religious freedom demands that we allow space in our society for difference, even when we don’t understand the reasons for a particular religious practice. Having to live without fully understanding others comes with the territory of genuine diversity.

by on June 17th, 2016

Stop enabling the delusion that transition is the only answer. Allow scientific research to flourish, no matter what the results show. Look at the evidence and facts and encourage treatment options that address dangerous psychiatric conditions first.

by on June 16th, 2016

For those feeling adrift amid the tumult of our politics, economy, and culture, Yuval Levin’s new book offers hope that some good can be found in the turmoil around us.

by on June 15th, 2016

In our emerging legal climate, Christians are to be admired for their dedication to moral principle, and they are welcome to act in accordance with it at home and at church. But once they venture into public, our new legal overlords tell us, they must act according to a different set of norms.

by on June 14th, 2016

There will be no true justice—and no real political discourse—until the Rawlsian illusion of neutrality is rejected and the Rawlsian tyranny strangling political discourse is overthrown. The second of two parts.


by Carson Holloway on August 4th, 2014
Civility is due not to a person’s opinions, but to the person himself.
by Nathan Schlueter on February 25th, 2016
In an era when Americans seek political leaders who display “authenticity” rather than prudence, a look back to the Federalist Papers makes clear the importance of a politics based on moderation rather than passion.
by Serena Sigillito on February 14th, 2014
Valentine’s Day is usually associated with romance, but love matters in politics, too. In working to change our culture, we must remember that our opponents, like our allies, are human beings whose individual conversions can only be wrought through a combination of love, truth, and free will.
by Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo on May 19th, 2016
The face that is emerging for the GOP is the ugly face we have always been accused of having—misogynistic, racist, and gratuitously authoritarian. If we assent to his nomination, how can we still consider ourselves the flag bearers of the attempt to harmonize virtue and the political life?
by Randall Smith on November 12th, 2015
Political discussions in the public realm have become increasingly shallow: something more akin to a children’s mud fight than the rational discourse America’s founders hoped would characterize the civic life of the American republic.

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